Accounting and Registration Software for Seventh-day Adventist Schools

The current EMS software is DOS-based. The North American Division is now reviewing options for Windows-based software for academies. They have expressed an interest in EMS writing the software if they cannot find an acceptable off-the-shelf package. A decision should be made around the first of May.

System Requirements

Executive Management Software (EMS) is developed by Union College Information Systems under the direction of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The EMS Project was started in 1983. When the new General Conference Academy Fund Accounting Manual was released, the software was upgraded in 1987 to handle the new specifications. This package is written for the specific needs of SDA academies. For example, the Payroll module will automatically create an Accounts Receivable batch which allows the students' net earnings to be credited directly to their bills. Also, the Accounts Receivable statement has special sections for payroll and budget information. In General Ledger, you can print most of the reports found in the Academy Accounting Manual. The software is continually being updated with improvements suggested by the users. Because of the financial constraints on most academies, every effort has been made to make the initial cost of the software, as well as the support fees, as low as possible. In addition, the software is written for low-cost industry standard equipment which many schools already own.

For more information contact:

3800 S 48TH ST
LINCOLN NE 68506-4387

Telephone: (402) 486-2511 FAX: (402) 486-2895
E-mail (Internet address): ems@ucollege.edu

To receive a fully-functioning trial copy, send a check for $10 to the above address. Indicate which modules you would like to receive. The software will be sent on 3" diskettes. The price of the demonstration package will be credited toward any purchase.


Any mix of the modules may be purchased

Base price of $250: this includes the on-line help for all modules, a configuration program, other utility programs, and licensing fees required by third-party software vendors for the use of their products in the software

Individual modules are priced as follows:
General Ledger $750 Registration $850
Accounts Receivable $850 Fixed Assets $400
Accounts Payable $675 Cash Tracking $950
Payroll $850 Networking $250